Learn Some Useful Phrases Before Your Bachelor Weekend in Riga

If you are about to set off on your bachelor weekend in Riga, how about learning a few useful phrases to impress the local ladies? Most do speak English, but it could be worth polishing up your Latvian to get one over on your mates!

For The Ladies

If you spot a gorgeous Latvian lady and would like her to know how much you appreciate her beauty, try 'Tu esi skaista meitene' - You are a beautiful girl!

Or perhaps you'd like to let her know how much you like her- 'Tu man loti patic' - I really like you'.

Maybe you want to take it a step further and take her to see a film, you probably won't understand a word of it, but hey, you've bagged a date! 'Vai tu gribi iet uz kino ar mani?' means 'Do you want to go to the movies with me?'

If you've had one too many and your emotions have gotten the better of you, just to make a complete fool of yourself, try 'Es esmu iemilejies lidz ausim!' You'll be telling her that you're head over heels in love!

Of course, if you're a man of few words and you just want a good old snog, simply say 'Dod man bucas' - 'Give me a kiss!'

General Niceties

Simple but effective phrases are often the way to get into the locals' good books, so try some of these on for size, you might be glad you did! 

Short but welcoming -'Sveiki, priecajos ar jums iepazities' means 'Hello, pleased to meet you.'

To say goodbye, it's 'Uz redzesanos'.

If you're struggling to understand someone, say 'Es nesaprotu', but if you fully understand and you'd like them to know that, it's not that different - 'Es saprotu'.

If you've accidentally upset someone or knocked over a drink (it's a Bachelor Party, it happens), say 'Atvaino'. 

'Please' and 'thank you' are 'Ludzu' and 'Paldies' - good manners go a long way!

You could make your bachelor weekend in Riga one to remember, by trying to mention every one of these phrases at least once on your trip - a Bachelor drinking game! Why not?

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