Traditonal Czech dinner

Traditonal Czech dinner
in Prague

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Trust us, you’ll need a full stomach to survive a night out in Prague. And seeing as you’re on holiday, why not make it a hearty Czech goulash washed down with a couple of rounds of good local beer. You’ll thank us later when you see fellow nightlifers stumbling through the streets at 3am while you’re still going strong.

23 € per person

You get

    • A charming local guide will meet you at your hotel.
    • A plate of Czech goulash and sides of your choice.
    • 2 rounds of beer.
    • No need to worry about the bill or tipping. We’ll take care of that.
    • A table reserved for the whole group.

The small pRint

  • A minimum of 8 people are required.
  • Transport is not included. You can walk or your guide will arrange a taxi.
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