Beer Bike – 1 hour

Beer Bike – 1 hour
in Riga

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Take a ride around town with a bar on wheels powered by you and your mates!

Enjoy some sight seeing and get your daily dose of exercise while still having a few beers, what more could you ask for?

1 hour drinking time not enough? Check out our 2 Hour Beer Bike!

26 € per person

You get

    • A lovely, local guide to meet you at your accommodation
    • Beer bike rental for one hour
    • 15 litres of beer
    • A professional local beer bike driver
    • A beeralicious pedalling piss up

The small pRint

  • Minimum group size of 8, maximum 13 people.
  • For larger groups, you would be split up into groups and then take turns taking the beer bike for a spin.
  • Transfers to the beer bike start point are not included.
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