Dinner Burger & strip

Dinner Burger & strip
in Prague

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What? You’re telling us you’ve never been treated to an after dinner stripper back home? Well, on your bachelor weekend in Prague, that’s about to change. But hold on, we’ve got some big juicy burgers and a couple of rounds of beer for you to enjoy first.

39 € per person

You get

    • A charming local guide will meet you at your hotel.
    • A large burger and fries for dinner.
    • 2 rounds of beer.
    • A gorgeous Stripper will entertain you for dessert.
    • No need to worry about the bill or tipping. We’ll take care of that.
    • A table reserved for the whole group.

The small pRint

  • A minimum of 10 people are required.
  • Transport is not included. You can walk or your guide will arrange a taxi.
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