in Prague

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Get ready for an epic battle with your friends in a large industrial wasteland. It might only be paint, but your honor is at stake, so be prepared to go full Rambo. And when the smoke clears, there’ll be a round of beers waiting.

50 / 45 €

You get

    • A lovely local guide will meet you at your hotel
    • All necessary equipment is provided, including weapons, combat clothing and masks
    • You’ll get 100 paintballs to start
    • More paintballs are available for an extra cost (we don’t take a commission on these)
    • An experienced instructor to help you prepare for battle
    • A round of beers for when hostilities have ceased.

The small pRint

  • Burgers can be purchased for 3 € each in case you get hungry
  • Price quoted is for a group of at least 8 people: 50 € for outdoor, 45 € for indoor paintballing
  • A BBQ can be arranged for after. Call us for more details
  • Actual playing time is between 2 and 4 hours depending on group size
  • Transport to the site is not included. You can walk or your guide will arrange a taxi for you.
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