Oil Show

Oil Show
in Krakow

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Enjoy a pair of sexy, oil-slathered, strippers as they slip and slide in this raunchy wrestling match!

Bring a pair of swimming shorts for the bachelor so he can have some slip’n’ slide fun with the girls! 


52 € per person

You get

    • A lovely, local guide to meet you at your hotel
    • Two rounds of beer free
    • Two enthusiastic Polish hotties ready to wrestle
    • Three 5 minute rounds:
      • First two rounds is two ladies wrestling and stripping
      • Last round the bachelor gets to wrestle in the oil with the girls

The small pRint

  • Group minimum of 10 people (smaller groups enquire for bespoke quote)
  • For groups over 12 there are four 5 minute rounds and the last two rounds can involve two different guys
  • The female wrestlers start off in bikinis and strip naked by the end
  • Smaller groups can book as well, price will be recalculated
  • No transport is included, your guide will help arrange taxis if necessary
  • Shower and towel provided
  • Bachelor has to be in his undies or bring swimming shorts
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