Naked Sushi Dinner

Naked Sushi Dinner
in Krakow

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Fancy a nibble?

Book a Naked Sushi Dinner for your bachelor weekend and have a bite to eat off one of our gorgeous strippers!

Just make sure you’re careful what parts you nibble on!

52 € per person

You get

    • A lovely, local guide to meet you at your hotel
    • Reserved private room at Krakow’s best Japanese restaurant
    • One glass plum wine each
    • One shot of sake each
    • 10 pieces of sushi per person
    • A sexy stripper, covered with the sushi pieces
    • All the trimmings – soy sauce, ginger, wasabi
    • Best Man of the Year in the bag, baby!

The small pRint

  • Minimum group size of 10
  • No transport included, your guide will assist with taxis if necessary – but most likely you can walk. 
  • Add more strippers for a private show before, during and/or after dinner.
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