Penny Farthing

Penny Farthing
in Krakow

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Dress the bachelor up as Marilyn Monroe and brace yourself for some comical hilarity and he struggles to ride across Krakow’s main Market square on this bonkers antique from the days gone by.


35 € per person

You get

    • A lovely, local guide
    • A one hour Penny Farthing group lesson
    • A professional, English-speaking instructor
    • Introduction to the highwheeler, it’s history and tips on how to ride it
    • Countless photo opportunities
    • A round of beers after, you can work up quite a thirst pedalling these things

The small pRint

  • Minimum group number is 8 people
  • One bike and one instructor per groups of 10
  • From 11 people there will be two bikes and two instructors
  • Bike at your own risk, we take no responsibility for personal injury, nor embarrassing photos plastered on Facebook
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