Naked Body Buffet

Naked Body Buffet
in Budapest

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Fancy a nibble?

Add one of our naked body buffets to your bachelor weekend and have a bite to eat off one of our gorgeous strippers!

Just make sure you’re careful what parts you nibble on!


111 / 163 € per group

You get

    Naked Body – Dessert: 111 €/group

    • A lovely, naked lady table
    • Topped with fruit, chocolate and whipped cream
    • Half hour duration

    Naked Body – Sushi: 163 €/group

    • A lovely, naked lady table
    • Covered with tasty sushi (6 – 8 pieces per person)
    • Chopsticks, wasabi, ginger and soy sauce
    • Half hour duration

The small pRint

  • Can only be booked with the Boat Cruise or Dinners
  • Other types of food can be arrange on request – pricing may vary
  • Please don’t bite the “table”
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