Budapest Tank Driving

Tank Driving
in Budapest

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Surely every small child has dreamt of driving one of these gas guzzeling relics of wars gone by. Now’s your chance to take the wheel and motor around the all terrain course.

Includes tanks from some of the following wars:

  • Afghan – Sovjet (1979)
  • Iraq – Iran (1981)
  • Gulf War (1990)
  • Yugoslav – Bosnian (1991)
  • Iraq – USA (2002)
  • Afghanistan – NATO
  • ISIS War (2012) 
139 € per person

You get

    • 15 minutes driving time
    • A lovely local guide escorting you to the venue
    • Transfer
    • A round of beers after the activity
    • Great photo opportunities

The small pRint

  • Please make sure no one is drunk for this activity. The supplier reserves the right to refuse anyone deemed incapable of participating in this activity.
  • Minimum number of participants: 8.
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