Cross Country Quads (2 hours)

Cross Country Quads (2 hours)
in Budapest

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Take a two hour cross country quadbike ride through the beautiful Hungarian countryside, across streams and up and down steep hills, all at top speed. 

On the cross country quad biking you’ll also be able to catch a glimpse of Hungaroring, where Budapest’s F1 is held.

102 € per person

You get

    • One of our local guides to meet you at your hotel and take you to the venue
    • Transport to and from the venue with a private minibus
    • Professional, English speaking, instructors to guide you through the track
    • Introduction on the safe use of the quad
    • Roughly two hours ride time each
    • Overalls and all necessary equipment
    • One quad per person (see small print below)
    • A round of beers after the ride
    • Include a traditional Hungarian kettle soup lunch (Gulyás) for 8 € per person

The small pRint

  • Minimum group size of 8 people.
  • Groups of up to 14 people there will be one quad per person (250 cc).
  • Groups of 15 or more, people will have to share quads. The shared quads are larger (800 cc) and fit two people.
  • On shared quads each person gets appx one hour drive time and one hour “ride” time.
  • Allow four to six hours, including transport for this activity.
  • This is a great winter activity, ideal for snow and ice.
  • Warm clothing is essential in cold weather.
  • Maximum weight of 130 kilograms (280 lbs).
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