Athens Bachelor Weekends

Being over 3000 years old, Athens is the world’s ancient capital and at the same time a cultural hot spot bustling with a heady mix of history and edginess.

Since it’s pre-olympics revamp in 2004 Athens keeps recreating itself, balancing grunge and grace,  street art and style, urban vibes and cosmopolitan exclusivity.

The magnificent Acropolis, visible from every part of the city, reminds Greeks of their ancient history and heritage. The mesmerizing Parthenon recalling the antique greek spirit and it’s mighty gods.

Athens is served by the Piraeus, the largest passenger port in Europe. A perfect connection to the glorious Greek islands, ready to be explored. Short cruises and ferries dock continuously, turning this port into a gate to the mediterranean sea.

Contemporary Athens bursts with urban nightlife, chic bars and restaurants. The perfect place to explore, relax and party! If you seek a destination combining beach holidays with adventurous nights out, Athens is the right choice for you!

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