Corfu Bachelor Weekends

This evergreen Greek Island, that has been designated a UNESCO heritage, is enjoying high popularity, especially amongst British tourists.
Covered in olive trees, Corfu looks quite different to the rest of Greece. Corfu Town, with it’s broad streets, splendid monuments, esoteric museums, fashionable shops and pavement cafés, gives the island a cosmopolitan touch, often compared to Paris or Rome.

Stunning beaches, affordable prices and a lively ambience throughout the year, turns Corfu into a haven for sunlovers and explorers.
For those night owls, seeking adventures passed bedtime, Corfu offers are range of nightclubs, pool parties, bistros without closing hours and local live bands, reflecting the mixed clientele, topped with a breathtaking sunrise over the crystal-clear sea.

Why are you hesitating? Have a look at our list of activities and spend a wonderful weekend with your friends in our newest destination, Corfu!

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