Krakow Bachelor Weekends

There are two things you might have heard about Krakow. The first is that it is Poland’s cultural capital and a standard bearer for all things Polish. A stroll around the picture-postcard old town, which has survived the centuries unharmed by war and natural disasters, reveals that this is certainly the case. Secondly, legend has it that it has the densest distribution of bars in the world. Whether this is true or not, it would take you more than just one stag weekend in Krakow to exhaust the possibilities.

Krakow is a compact and bustling student town, which makes it a great place to mix with the locals and experience Poland first hand. And when you see the local girls, you will want to. Better still, Krakow babes can be found in any of the city’s dozens of cosy bars and cellar clubs. So if you blow out in one, you can simply try your luck next door.

However, you might not want the poor stag left on his own while the rest of the gang is on the town chasing skirt, so we ensure you are looked after for your entire stag weekend. That includes attracting their attention with top-quality strippers and organising activities, as well as putting you up and picking you up from the airport, of course.

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