EuroTrip Party adventures last minute! Ask the experts!

Why contacting EuroTrip Party? Well,... let us explain:


Organising a trip for a group is not as simple as it sounds. Especially when it has to happen last minute!  The only thing you and your friends might agree on, is the date you want to start your vacation!

...and this is where the problems are starting.

Which destination to choose and why? City trip or long weekend at the beach? Where will you stay and for how long ? Are you easy going, looking for a simple hostel or do you seek for a luxurious all-inclusive treat? What do you want to do over there? Are you the natural explorer type or do you fancy fun group activities with your friends? And most importantly, are you a night owl, ready to party? If so, you’ll need to know where the real party is starting!

Ask for advice from experts who have gone through it all. 


Eurotripparty has organised group vacations for over 10 years now, knowing the essential tricks to make your trip unforgettable.


All we need to know are a few basic details to get the plan rolling.


First, the person in charge, well...we guess that’s you, should determine the number of people who will attend the weekend. Second: a date when everyone is available to join. Third: the types of activities everyone would enjoy, and last but not least …your budget.

Based on this information our team can come up with different options, personalising your vacation, adapting it to your very own needs.


Our goal is to make your vacation unique!


And since we know sometimes things pop up spontaneously and can’t be always planned months in advance, here is the solution:

Call Euro Trip Party




If you call +36 1 336 1895, we can connect you with an English-speaking agent, who will deal with your trip personally, being in charge for making it as smooth and fun an possible!

After asking you some important questions, this agent will send you within a few hours a quotation, in which you will find the description of the activities chosen and their price per person.

Unlike quotes from most companies organizing festive stays that will only give you the total price, you will know exactly how much each activity costs. If you are uncertain about what you really want, our agent can provide you a list of popular activities to get some inspiration.

Check our website for our range of day and night programs to detect some unique opportunities at your personal taste.


Beer Biking, Bubble Football, Boat Party and Sexy Dinners are just a few to mention.


These activities were taken by storm by former groups, turning their vacation into a legendary experience! So whether you are planning a fun summer next year or you seeking for a last minute adventure. 

EuroTrip Party will give you the guidance you need!


Write us now and you will get a personalized quote today!

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