BUDAPEST – Paris of the East

Budapest: On weekdays we are nurses, industrial engineers, marketing managers, personal trainers and teachers.

Each morning we get up early, we catch the metro (fun fact number 1: our metro is  the oldest subway-line in mainland Europe), we check our Facebook feed, hand in our assignment, use snapchat and make appointments. We take out our dog, go to the gym and dry our laundry.  

We are living our lives in our capital city next to 2million other Hungarians - Living the true lifestyle of Budapest.

But what happens on weekends? What is happening on Friday after work? After our last class? After the last set of reps at gym? After the sun went down?

I tell you what we do… we get ready for a night to remember. Why ?

Because we are Eurotripparty - Guides! 

Within this urban jungle in city centre we know all the local pubs, the chill-out lounges, the unique beer gardens, the world famous ruin pubs, the underground clubs and the most delicious street food corners.

We grew up here and we know where we are heading. This city truly never sleeps and summer nights last until the sun comes up again - or longer!

Budapest is a historical place. It’s called the Paris of the East. Our vibe is unique and so are we. The origins of our language called “magyar” is a direct descendant of the Huns and it turns out, fun fact number two, it is the 4th hardest language to learn on this planet!

Do you know what a “SPArty” is? Having over 500 thermal springs within the country (yes, fun fact number 3) we hire DJs and celebrate wet parties in thermal baths. For example at the world famous Széchényi bath. Clubsounds within baroque architecture  - did I mention that we are weird?

Our ancient history connects us . World War II has left his marks and some buildings downtown seem to be falling apart ever since. But we know if you just wait until the sun goes down, those ruins are filled with life. No seat matches the other  and coloured lightbulbs make you discover endless graffiti walls. Life in here is amazingly “simple”. That’s why it is called “ Szimpla Kert”.

Best conditions to enjoy a cold “fröccs” - a wine soda. Preferably dry.

 On one of our Pub Crawl tours, we truly make you crawl. Is there a better way to celebrate our freedom?

And if we feel like dancing we just walk down to our local “dentist” aka “Fogasház” - a building over 100 years old. ;) (I told you we are weird)

But before we start moving to the uplifting beats, we make sure to have a “pálinka” - an ubiquitous fruit brandy. Commonly considered and mainly preached by our gandmothers. “Pálinka” is the most powerful remedy against headaches, digestion issues and nervousness. 

Denying them is an insult and since our shots are always served in 4cl, we’re making sure that those will get our hips moving!

Hungarians listen from deep electronic beats to funky ska melodies. When we are tired of one floor, we make our way on  hidden paths and narrow streets, discovering the next party just around the corner.

During summer we are heading the “island” - the largest music festival of Europe on 108-hectare- The “Sziget Festival”!

On our way back home, carrying our shoes in our hands, watching the sun go up, we stop and have a lángos. The most likely fattiest dish you will ever see. -A real hangover killer. Trust me, we know what we are doing. ;)

This is one of our little weekend of craziness. Exciting, unforgettable and weird!


Discover Eastern Paris aka Budapest, but be sure you know your way! Otherwise you’ll most likely get lost in the urban jungle. But to rescue you from the dangers in the dark, you’ll need someone to lead you.

We are "pros". Weirdo "pro’s" , but we make sure we guide you to the party of your life.

EuroTrip Party