Hey best man!

Hey there, best man! This is Eurotripparty.

Been chosen for the big day? -Sweet! But you do know what happens before the great ceremony? That's right

L-E-G-E-N-D-A-R-Y stag do!

Having thoughts of how to plan this? Let us guess. It all starts with

 ‘ok,how many are we?’..


‘where the hell are we going?’ …

‘where should we stay?’ …

or actually..

what does it cost?’ ..


Fed up already, right?

Dude, give Google a break. Here is the answer!

Eurotripparty is dealing with this for over 10 years (seriously we are experts!) , adapting to your ideas, your budget and most importantly, your needs! From the airport arrival into the best clubs. Budapest's possibilities are unlimited!

Need inspiration? - Check this out:

Sziget Festival!

The island of freedom is opening it’s gates at the 9th of August, celebrating a full week with real music legends!

This festival has been growing for 25 years, turning Budapest into a real magnet for all music lovers across Europe.

Toped with guaranteed hot summer nights, Budapest is offering the real festival experience! 

Ok ok, we know you don’t wanna pass out for a whole week, so the good news are - there are day passes available!

So here’s a thought ! Why not getting one of our party buses to drop you off? After a brilliant day with let’s say MACKLEMORE on the island of freedom, we pick you up again and guide you downtown, where the party continues ? Local DJs, cheap drinks , summer vibes! (… yeah there is a slight chance girls with super short summer skirts are around too!)

As we said, It’s going to be L-E-G-E-N-D-A-R-Y!

So how about taking it easy and letting us organise everything? We promise you'll be a hero that weekend !;)

…all you have to worry about are the rings at the wedding, mate! 

EuroTrip Party