Stag do at the beach! Discover Athens !

Athens, the ancient capital of this world, has filled our history books with philosophers, scientists and politicians, shaping our civilisation as we know it today. Athens is a constant reminder of greatness. The impressive Greek mythology, along with it’s mighty Gods, even inspires our modern society. The glorious Olympic Games, with it’s Greek origins is fascinating countless nations across the planet. 

Greece and especially Athens has proven it’s influence for centuries, but looking at it from a different angle, innovation and democracy aren’t the only things the city of Athena, the goddess of Wisdom, has to offer.

There is a greek cuisine and nightlife to indulge in and the best way to explore these is by foot! Some restaurants and taverns offer live music and tables on the roof- that’s right! The perfect spot to enjoy hot summer nights, along with a cold drink and a breathtaking view. To make sure you’ll find the best spot and the best tasting wine, try out roof-top bar crawl and our lovely guides will show you around.

Greeks normally enjoy small dishes along with wine and ouzo.If you fancy a cultural experience try a bouzouki night along traditional music, dances  local delicacies. Get a table in a tavern and enjoy the Greek spirit, along with marinated Greek lamb , pita and tzatziki.

Located by the Piraeus, Athens offers excellent fish taverns too. The city is a vibrant place in general, especially at night. The area of Gazi offers a huge diversity of bars, satisfying every kind f taste. The perfect start for a pub crawl. Make sure you won’t get lost though! Follow our gorgeous girls! They are local guides, making sure you won’t miss out on the real party!

Greeks are keen dancers and the clubbing scene has a lot to offer! Many of those popular clubs are located at the beach. Needless to mention here that the summer months are the best choice to kick off the best parties!

The clubs are open all night long, peak hours are between 2 and 4AM. 

For those not feeling the need to dance, the wide range of outdoor bars, filled with people casually enjoying their cold drinks, might be a great alternative.

There is a wide range of beaches around Athens, ready to be explored . “Glyfada” for example is only an hour away. The perfect spot to enjoy the sun, check out lovely coffee shops, restaurants and most importantly bars, serving mouthwatering cocktails! For those seeking for the little extra - the blue flag awarded sandy beach of “Karati Schinias” is the place to be.

Spend an afternoon at the beach, to make sure you going home with a nice tan!

If you want to escape the city bustle for a while, why not sailing away ? Grab your mates and head out for the freedom of the open waters! Visit the stunning islands, around  Athens and became a true voyager. Expect the most beautiful views, the refreshing breeze and finally a picturesque sunset, amongst with cold beers and your friends.

Sounds too good to be true ? Get in touch with us and we organise the rest!

All you have to do is to make sure you get that tan we mentioned before ! ;)

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