Fancy Driving Officially the Worst Car in the World During Your Bachelor Party in Budapest?!

Do you love cars? Well, we have one of the best activities for you car lovers to try on your bachelor party in Budapest. However, it may not meet your expectations. This is not a flashy Limo or a Hummer, or a speedy Ferrari. It's not a classic sports car or even a huge tank where you can tackle any terrain. We present to you, the Trabant!

Ugliest Car in the World

Well, it depends on your point of view. We think it's quite cute! Born in the age of Communism, it was East Germany's attempt at recreating the Volkswagen Beetle. No, it doesn't look much like a Beetle, but it has its plus points. Made with wood chippings and recycled cotton, you could say it was a car before its time, but because of its materials, very little rust has accrued on its tiny body! Nearly 3 decades later and it is still going strong - so who's laughing now? Well, probably most people who see it, but still, it's the same size as a Cinquecento and very easy to park, even if it doesn't go much faster than a ride-on lawnmower!

Trabant Road Trip

So now we've introduced you to this fabulous little vehicle, why not take a road trip in it? 'Are you mad?' We hear you cry. No, not mad, just imaginative. And imagine the looks your bachelor party in Budapest will get as it tootles along the Hungarian countryside, the ladies will love it!

One Trabant will seat 2 guys, so there will be a fleet of you travelling around, getting female attention. The groom gets to drive the 'Hello Kitty' pink Trabant, because we think it will make his day! You'll get a short training course to ensure that you can drive the little one properly (this is no ordinary car!) and we'll also make sure that there is a 'support' car en route should any of the Trabants break down. Don't worry, they are so easy to fix, we'll have you back on the road in no time, much to your dismay!

The Ladies Love a Little 'Un!

Once you've had enough humiliation, we'll treat you to a wonderful Hungarian lunch in the Pilis hills, where you can chill out and feed your faces and have a beer or two. Of course, you'll have to drive it back to the town, but we think you'll have a soft spot for this gorgeous little car by that point. If you make a day of it and wear fancy dress, who knows what the day could bring? Ladies love a little eccentricity, it could be your lucky night on your bachelor party in Budapest!

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