Wine or Beer Tasting Activities On Your Bachelor Party in Budapest

Although your Bachelor Party in Budapest will most likely be overflowing with alcohol, how about booking yourselves an activity where you get to sample wine and beer on a more professional level? You'll leave Budapest knowing more about wine and beer than before you arrived and be able to show off to those back home with your newly acquired skills!

Hungarian Wine Tasting

Wines produced in Hungary are easily comparable to those made in France or anywhere in Western Europe, so why not allow yourselves some afternoon delight where you'll get to taste 6 different varieties of wine! There will be a selection of red, rose and white to tantalise your tastebuds, along with the infamous Tokaji dessert wine. A professional wine expert will be on hand to help you sniff and taste with precision, giving you hints and tips on how to taste a wine correctly. To ensure you don't get too dizzy with all of that sipping, you'll also be provided with a cheese platter and bread to soak up all of the wine. Of course, depending on your style, you can spit or swallow - your choice. It really depends on whether you're up to the task, or a total lightweight...

Craft Beer Tasting

A Bachelor Party in Budapest would not be the same without having a few beers. We have the ultimate for your Bachelor session - Craft Beer Tasting. Not only do you get to try 5 different high-end beers, you also get to see the Craft Beer Presentation, giving you some fascinating information about the process of making beer. Don't worry, the presentation is in English (don't forget to make notes!) and you can ask the experts any questions you like - who says a Bachelor Party can't be educational?! With your new wisdom about the various styles of beers available, you'll be a walking Google search for anyone who needs to know the difference between a lager and a bitter!

For both of the activities, one of our fabulous guides will accompany you to ensure you get there on time and get the best out of the activity. Should you wish to continue drinking and partying afterwards (unless you're ready for a beer-fuelled nap!), she can advise you on the best pubs or bars to go to, where you can continue to drink to your heart's content or you or until you run out of money, hope it's the former!

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