Not Sure Where to Go For Your Bachelor Party? We Are Here To Help!

Are you struggling to decide where to hold your Bachelor Party? Indeed, there are so many destinations to choose from, we understand that it can get confusing. To make life easier for our Bachelors, we've put together an overview of all of the cities where you can go for your Bachelor Party. Grab a beer and read on, the perfect destination is waiting...


Awesome nightlife is the main reason Bachelors visit Budapest. It has some of the best bars and clubs, not to mention the funky Ruin Pubs situated across the city. Sightseeing is a must, the stunning architecture is a sight to behold and so are the gorgeous women! The beer is cheap and tasty and as long as you stick with our local guides, you'll have the time of your lives in some of the best strip clubs Hungary has to offer.


This Polish marvel is a place of intrigue and nostalgia. Taking a stroll around the Old Town will give you a sense of the history that Poland is famous for. Krakow is also known for having the most bars in one city, so for Bachelor Parties intent on drinking their weight in beer, you're in luck! The cellar clubs, cosy bars and off-the-chart women are ready and waiting for you and your Bachelor Party.


Apart from the cheap beer and seriously hot ladies, Riga has some of the best cuisine available in Eastern Europe. From Venison and Wild Boar, to Latvian Pork, potato and cabbage, the food is amazing. If the guys in your Bachelor Party love to try new food, then Riga can supply you with an array of new dishes! 


If you love the beach and all things ancient, then Athens could be the destination for you. The city is over 3000 years old, so if you like to explore and breathe in history, get booking! Athens has many cool and trendy bars and the urban nightlife can be felt pumping across the city. A short ferry trip can take you to the other Greek islands, if you fancy relaxing on a beach or joining in with other party-goers, your Bachelor Party starts here!


Our newest destination has the most beautiful beaches and fantastic night clubs in abundance. Regularly compared with Paris and Rome, Corfu has a cosmopolitan edge. Trendy cafes line the streets and you can always take in a live band or dance the night away at a pool party. There are no closing times either, so your Bachelor Party can keep going until they drop!


If you enjoy all things bohemian, Prague is the place for you. With cobbled streets, delightful cafes and fabulous art galleries, there's plenty to do and see. Prague is known for its delicious cuisine, you won't go home hungry that's for sure. Whether you prefer a smoky drinking den or an up-market cocktail bar, you'll find it here in spades. If it's the ladies of the night you're after, check out Prague's red light district, you'll be glad you did!

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