How Many Weeks Before the Wedding Should A Bachelor Weekend Take Place?

There seem to be many rules and regulations for bachelor weekends, but do they need to be honoured rigidly, or is it up to the bachelor to decide when and where his party takes place? For generations, the best man was the main man who organised the whole shebang, but maybe times are a-changing!

Does the Groom-To-Be Have to Have a Bachelor Party?

In a word, no! It's up to the bachelor whether or not he has a bachelor party. However, it's a tradition that goes back centuries and a time for all of the boys to get together and share some special male bonding activities before the big day. The tradition of the bachelor party of one evening of fun, has transformed into whole weekends for groups of guys to enjoy drinking, partying and letting their hair down!

How Far in Advance Should a Bachelor Party be Organised?

Depending on whether you're having a bachelor weekend abroad or at home will affect the amount of time you need to plan it. Your guests will need more time to organise for a weekend away and to save up for it, so look to begin planning 3-6 months in advance. If your party is going to be local, then most people will only need 4-6 weeks' notice.

When Should The Bachelor Party Take Place?

Usually, the bachelor party takes place a few weeks before the wedding, but if there are people attending from out of the area, then it might be better to arrange the party around a holiday weekend, to make it easier for them to attend.

Who Should You Invite to The Bachelor Party?

This is really up to the bachelor. It's his weekend of pleasure, so he should have everyone there who he feels comfortable with. There's no point in inviting members of family who he doesn't see eye to eye with, or old friends who don't like to party - he'd have a miserable time! Ask him for ideal party guest list, between 10-15 guys is usually the average amount for a bachelor party.

How Much Should a Bachelor Party Cost?

There's no set amount as to how much the party should cost, but it's always good to bear in mind that not everyone has a huge budget, keep it reasonable. Usually, the cost of the party will be split between all of the guests, whether that be for a meal or a bachelor weekend away. It's always appropriate to club together to pay for the groom-to-be, so he has a free last night of freedom!

What Kind of Entertainment is Appropriate for a Bachelor Party?

Bachelor weekends away are great for organising activities that the groom will enjoy. From high adrenalin to more relaxed activities, there are plenty to choose from to make the party a special one. Always make sure that the bachelor will appreciate going to a strip club before booking one - it might be his idea of hell and others in the group may not enjoy it either!

For a fantastic bachelor weekend, the man of the moment should always be consulted on all of the plans, to avoid disappointment and to ensure that the party is a real success!

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