‘Do You Want to Play’ a Game on Your Bachelor Party in Prague?!

There will be no Xboxes or PlayStations on your Bachelor Party in Prague. It's ok, there's no need to panic! We have something to ensure that you still get your gaming fix and you can even have a practice before you get to your Bachelor Party destination. If you haven't heard of it yet, then not to worry - this new game craze is taking Europe by storm and will soon be hitting western shores. It's called 'Escape Room-Mind Maze' and it's very addictive!

What is Escape Room-Mind Maze?

It's a live action game, played as part of a team. The idea is that you and your team will be locked into a room and it is your job to get yourselves out of there within a set time frame. You will need each other in order to solve puzzles and find those all-important clues. Challenges will need to be completed and until every single one is achieved, you'll be stuck there, maybe for years!! 

Choose Your Room!

Decide which type of room you would like to escape from. If you fancy yourself as James Bond, then go for the Secret Agent room. For the cowboys of the group, there's the Wild West room and yes, you can keep your hat on! If your group is a little on the eccentric side with a fascination for anything weird and wonderful, there is the Mad Scientist room to get your teeth into! You can play online to get the idea and understand how the game works. Lateral thinking is the name of the game, it isn't always straightforward or logical...

Gaming Details

The Games Master will be waiting for your team 15 minutes before the game begins, so that you have the story behind the room and understand what you need to do. You have exactly 60 minutes to organise your team, find clues, solve puzzles and get yourselves out of there! Leave your phones at home, they are not allowed in the Escape Rooms, this is for human brain power only - no easy cheats! However, if you really are stuck, the Games Master can give you a hint or two...

Why not try something very new and different as part of your Bachelor Party in Prague? You can still do the usual Bachelor activities, like drinking and stripping, but this game will add that extra dimension of being part of a team. Achieving something together will only add to the camaraderie of a fantastic Bachelor Party weekend!

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