How to Have an Unforgettable Bachelor Party in Europe!

Are you confused as to where to hold your bachelor party? There are so many fantastic cities to explore, where your wildest dreams can be indulged that we're not surprised you're finding it difficult to make a decision! Allow us to help the process along by giving you the lowdown on some of the best European cities to ensure that your bachelor party in Europe goes with a bang!


Well known for its Ruin Pubs and crazy nightlife, the Hungarians are always up for a party. Out of derelict buildings, they managed to create some unique drinking dens where live music and DJs regularly play. These bars turn fluidly into nightclubs late at night! The Hungarian women are beautiful. Drink is cheap and the food is just delish, what's not to love?


Full of history and amazing architecture, what better place to have your bachelor party in Europe? From the cool and chic bars to the bouncing clubs, there's something for everyone here. The Polish girls are gorgeous and friendly, you won't be left sat on your own for long! Food and drink is very reasonable and the activities for bachelors are second to none.


If you fancy a bit of whipping at a sauna party, look no further than the capital of Latvia. It's a genuine activity in Riga and does you the world of good! Home to some of the hottest ladies in Europe, they outnumber the guys, making up 60% of the entire population. Gives you a chance, eh boys?


Where western civilisation began! From the ancient Acropolis and Parthenon to the Syntagma Square, it positively oozes culture and history. In modern times, it has become a hive of urban chic with cafes, bars and super cool nightclubs popping up just so the Greeks can party til dawn!


You can't go wrong on this beautiful Mediterranean island. This picturesque paradise is full of party people wanting to have a good time and there are plenty of bars and clubs to do it in! Flights and drinks are cheap and you can watch the sun go down at a cafe by the sea, before your bachelor party in Europe really kicks into gear!


Home to some of the best tasting beer in Europe and it's inexpensive too - in restaurants, it's often cheaper than water! Underground cellar bars and pumping rave clubs are the norm for this city, Prague is definitely party central!

Choose your destination wisely boys, your bachelor party in Europe is just waiting to happen....

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