Try Our Guided Bar Tour Activity on your Bachelor Party in Budapest

To get the best out of your Bachelortag Party, we highly recommend that you take part in the Guided Bar Tour activity!

You might think that you can turn up in Budapest and the bars and clubs will welcome you with open arms, that all of the strip clubs are amazing and you'll all have a fabulous time. And you might! However, not all bars and clubs enjoy having a Bachelor Party on their premises, and not all strip clubs are above board and open about their prices. Things can turn nasty very quickly if you refuse to pay, you could end up being forced to empty your bank account or worse. So do yourselves a favour and book the Guided Bar Tour, so that you can guarantee yourselves a fantastic Stag Party!

We have the best local guides!

...who will accompany your Bachelor Party and take you to the types of places that will suit the lads and you can all have the type of Stag Do you expect. Don't worry, it's not like having your mom tagging along on a night out! Our guides love to party, they know Budapest like the back of their hand and they will ensure that you go to the best party places where stags are welcome and the beer is cheap. Your guide will keep you away from the dodgy clubs, get you into the sexiest strip clubs and keep an eye on you so you don't end up face down in a ditch, with your trousers round your ankles and no way of getting home! It allows your Stag Party to relax, enjoy and have the craziest time, with memories to last a lifetime.

So what do you get as part of this marvellous city?

A six hour tour around beautiful Budapest's best bars, ruin pubs and nightclubs. You'll get your first round of beers for free, as well as free entry to one of the best nightclubs Budapest has to offer. When you're ready for some nakedness (not yours, but hey, fill your boots!), our guide will take you to a sizzling strip club, where you'll also get free entry and another round of beers free! The Stag will have himself a free table dance with one of the most gorgeous, sexy, Hungarian ladies, who will show him an extremely good time! Hope he can handle it...

Don't delay, add on the Guided Bar Tour to your weekend, you won't regret it!

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