Play Bubble Football During Your Bachelor Party in Krakow!

Have you ever played football with a massive inflatable ball on your torso? No? Well, you're missing out on one of the most popular activities known to Bachelor Parties the world over! You absolutely must book Bubble Football for your Bachelor Party in Krakow. It's hilarious, good fun and guaranteed to get your heart racing!

What Is Bubble Football?

First created in Norway, this crazy game has been gaining popularity since 2014. It's football in the loosest of terms, but each player wears a huge, transparent zorb over their torso and head, leaving the legs free to run! Bubble Football has been a hit with Bachelor and Birthday Parties, along with corporate team-building events and this fun-filled activity continues to thrive!

Is It Enjoyable For Everyone?

Are you Human? Then you'll love it! Aside from people in their seventies (and they might still fancy a go) or claustrophobes, all of the people who have taken part in this activity have absolutely loved it. It's even funnier for those watching! Once you realise that this is not a serious sport, you can relax, get your bubble on and throw yourself around like the inflatable lollipop you are!

The Activity

Eight people can take part in Bubble Football at any one time. You have one hour play time at an indoor venue and you'll be cheered on by one of our fabulous local guides. She'll accompany your party to ensure there's fair play and record the game so you can all have a good giggle later, over your free round of beers!

Variations of Bubble Football

It's not just football that has been made into a wacky game. Other counterparts have been invented which are just as much fun. Bubble Bowling involves seven players standing in a line and the last member runs and dives at the group, knocking over as many people as possible! Bubble Sumo is just as hilarious, where two people try to push each other out of a drawn circle on the ground, the effort and strain on the players' faces makes it so worthwhile watching! Remember playing Bulldog at school? One player tries to knock down as many of the players as he can and they become Bulldogs too, until there's one left standing- the ultimate winner!

There is no doubt that you should play Bubble Football on your Bachelor Party in Krakow. If you want those memorable moments to treasure for years to come, go get your zorbs on and get ready to bounce around like Zebedee!

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