Things to do during your bachelor party in Budapest

Once you’ve booked your activities for your bachelor party in Budapest, you can relax, lay back and let us take care of you. In this article we’d like to share our favourite places in town with you.

Breakfast, brunch

We’re almost 100% sure you won’t wake up before noon after a hardcore night out in the Hungarian capital. We’ve got some great news for you: Café Vian is not just a nice French Bistro, but has all-day-breakfast at all its 3 locations! Yes, you read it correctly. However, if you wake up earlier, you can visit Két Szerecsen Bisztró or Törökméz for a nice breakfast/brunch. These are our favourites.

Afternoon drinks

There’s nothing better than an ice cold beer on a hot summer afternoon. Let us share our favourite open air, summertime spots for afternoon drinks with you: Kiosk, Pontoon, Raqpart, Akvárium, Fröccsterasz. Check out their Facebook pages. Believe us, they’re the best ones in town.


If there’s one bit of advice we can give you for your bachelor party in Budapest it would be not to go out partying without filling your stomachs with some heavy Hungarian food for dinner. How about booking a classic bachelor dinner and giving our delicious pork knuckle a try? Believe us, you won’t be hungry for the rest of the night…

Bars, pubs

If you’d like to visit the best bars in the Hungarian capital how about letting one of our lovely, local guides take care of you and the rest of the group? She’ll show you her favourite pubs in the city. From ruin bars to rooftop terraces, you can have it all!

Why bother selecting different activities from different suppliers for your bachelor party in Budapest? EuroTrip Party organises everything according to your tastes! Let us know what you’d like to do and we’ll tailor your whole weekend based on that.

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