Take Your Bachelor to Budapest for His Last Night of Freedom!

To get your bachelor party in Budapest off to an amazing start, we have 2 of the most fantastic activities for you to get your teeth into! A bachelor party just isn't the same without some copious drinking and admiration of the naked female form, you won't believe your eyes at some of the spectacles on offer...

All You Can Drink Dinner

Ensure that you line your stomachs with a delicious 3 course meal at a top restaurant in Budapest. You can choose from chicken, pork and a vegetarian dish as part of your meal, everyone catered for and no one leaves the table hungry! During your meal, you can drink as much as you like of the house wine or house draught beer, get your gums around the Soproni pale lager and Soproni dunkel as you feast on the gorgeous Hungarian food.

You don't want to be that bachelor in Budapest who ends up hugging the toilet for hours, because he didn't take good advice and eat a hearty meal before glugging pints of lager. Don't waste precious hours of your weekend in such a state! Remember what your mother told you - 'Eat everything on your plate and then go drinking and watch strippers.' Well, maybe she didn't say the last bit, but you get the idea!

Strip Club - Table Reservations

Once you're full to the brim with food and alcohol, the evening's shenanigans can begin! We can reserve a table for you at one of the best strip clubs in Budapest for you to take in the sights of some of the most beautiful women in Eastern Europe. You'll get a 70cl bottle of any spirit you desire with mixers and if spirits aren't your thing, then we also give you 10% off any other drinks for the night.

One of our wonderful local guides will come along for 4 hours, just to make sure that you're happy and in case you need any advice on the etiquette of the club. Don't worry, there's no cramping of style here, she'll disappear into the background should you wish her to! All you have to do is choose the sexiest girls to give your bachelor party 3 table dances, we're sure you can manage that. Although, there are so many stunning girls, you might be spoilt for choice! If you'd like to have a private dance, then this can easily be arranged, if you can handle it...

Book these activities for your bachelor party in Budapest and you will most certainly not be disappointed. Enjoy!

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