Take Your Bachelor to Budapest for a Game of Poker, Strip Poker!

Boys, there is nothing better for your Bachelor Party in Budapest than a good old game of Strip Poker. Don't worry, we're not expecting you to play with each other, that would just be weird. What we are offering is a fantastic opportunity to play with a couple of gorgeous, hot strippers - but who will be the victor? We're laying odds on the girls...

The Rules

You can play any variation of poker, it's entirely up to you. It's probably better to sort out the rules from the start so there's no arguments between players, so decide which particular items of clothing are going to be included or not - glasses, ties, jewellery etc.

Three Ways to Play

Poker can be played in one of three ways; fast, medium or slow. The fast version means that every player shows their best 5-card poker hand at the end of each round and whoever wins is the only one to keep their clothes on. Everybody else in the game has to take off an item of clothing!

The medium version involves the player with the worst hand having to take off an item, but the rest of the group don't. In the slow version, the normal game of Poker is played, but a player is allowed to bet an item of clothing if they want to continue in the game.

Strip Poker Activity

For your Bachelor in Budapest, you'll get 2 deliciously hot strippers to play with in a one hour Poker game and also a dealer. To be able to book this activity, you'll need to ensure that you've booked another activity such as the Party Boat, a Bachelor Dinner or a Strip Club Hire. 

Excellent Tips for a Good Strip Poker Game

  • Make it atmospheric - turn the lights down low, scatter around plenty of comfortable cushions and put on some sexy tunes to create that all-sexy Poker game you need!
  • Turn up the Heat - nobody wants to freeze their bits off when stripping, it's not sexy or relaxing. The same can be said if it's too hot - sweat is not sensual!
  • Wear clean undies - there is nothing sexy about greying or mucky underwear, get yourselves some new boxers for the occasion, you won't be sorry!

A fantastic way to celebrate your Bachelor in Budapest - drinks, a card game with the lads and strippers - what's not to love?!

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