Feeling Athletic? Something for a Sporty Bachelor Party in Budapest

Not all Bachelor Parties are filled full of excess alcohol and strippers. Really? Well, maybe a small amount of debauchery is always going to be involved, but how about those sporty guys out there who want an amazing Bachelor Party? You could have an Athletic Weekend in Budapest and get the best of both worlds!

Athletic Weekend In Budapest

If you're up to playing your favourite sports as well as partying, allow us to help. Many Bachelor Parties have used EuroTrip Party to book a fantastic weekend including sports such as football, rugby and hockey. Get the guys together and arrange some games which will fuel some competition between you all during the day, as you sip beer and dance like a loon in the evening. There are some rules to follow, however, can you take the pace?

Rule 1 - Never Allow An Athlete To Dehydrate

You might be running around the pitch, scoring goals and getting yourselves all hot and sweaty. Once the game is over, make sure you're stocked up on the essential beers to rehydrate the team! One of our local guides will be on call to ensure that running out of beer isn't an option. She has plenty of experience in dealing with bachelors, so knows that you'd all be very upset nursing an empty glass on you Athletic Weekend in Budapest.

Rule 2 - No Sports Equals a Miserable Bachelor

If you and the boys are regulars at the local football club, then going on your Bachelor Party without playing a sport is like fish without chips, Batman without Robin. It just shouldn't happen. At EuroTrip Party, we can organise for your group to play a local football or rugby team and as long as we know in advance, you can play as many games as you like! From handball, basketball and cricket to water polo, any sport is a possibility, just give us a call to arrange!

Rule 3 - Drink and Exercise Together!

Think it's not possible? Well, we have something rather wonderful called the Beer Bike. The whole group can ride the bike, using the pedals either side and your drinks will be served by a gorgeous beer maiden. She'll ensure you remain hydrated on your 2 hour bike ride as you take in the delights of Hungary's beautiful capital. Incorporating sports and beer has never been so easy on your Athletic Weekend in Budapest!

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