Sparty in Budapest! Hungarian Summer Nights!

We know at least two things about Budapest:  


1 - The city is famous for its thermal baths

2-  It's inhabitants love to party.

...kind of unnecessary to mention why these two things had to be combined! ;)


'Sparties' are therefore the most unique parties in the capital, taking place in hot thermal waters. People dancing in the steaming hot pools, well-known DJs pumping out the music, and the special visuals make these parties an incredibly memorable experience.

Every Saturday night you can join the world famous Széchenyi Bath and it’s well-known 'Szecska sparties'. This one of a kind all night pool party in the 3 outdoor pools attracts party lovers and is a must see in Budapest!

Don’t worry though - Szechenyi Baths night parties are not nude parties! Swimwear is compulsory, and you can bring floating toys, and other pool accessories.

Is there are better way to enjoy summer? 

Bring your mates and have a few drinks in the steaming water, listening to the latest club sounds, dancing or just chilling amongst others.

Sidenote: Hungarian girls are meant to be one of the most beautiful girls in the world !! Time for you guys to verify that! ;)

Plan an unforgettable party-weekend in Budapest and add this exclusive extra , making sure you experience the party of your life!

Get a guide and let her introduce you to those real Hungarian summer nights!



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