Our Top 5 Souvenirs to Take Home From Your Bachelor Party in Krakow

If your Bachelor Party is taking place in Krakow, there might be some souvenirs you would like to bring home to those who couldn't join you, maybe your bride-to-be? Of course, we're not talking about something which makes your dangly bits itch! Only a doctor will be able to get that sorted. No, we mean a souvenir that provokes memories of a fantastic weekend in one of the most wonderful cities in the world.


Amber is known as a gemstone in the western world, a beautiful, orange-coloured stone that has been used in jewellery for years. Although not traditionally found in the south of Poland, it's sourced and transported down the Vistula River and into Krakow. A little known fact about Amber, is that it's not a gemstone at all. It is actually fossilised resin of ancient evergreen trees (some over 320 million years old!). Apparently, it has strong psychic connections for whoever wears it! Unusual and attractive, a necklace or bracelet could be the perfect souvenir for a loved one.

Polish Mead

Do you feel like continuing your bachelor party, when you get back home? How about some fabulous Polish Mead to wet your whistle? Made with fermented honey and water, this traditional speciality has been made in Poland since the Middle Ages. There is a variety to choose from, dry to sweet and flavoured with either fruit juice or spices. A great souvenir to bring home for anyone who loves an alternative tipple to the norm...

Art and Crafts

If you're a bit crafty (not sneaky or sly!) but into colours and design, you could opt for handicraft products made by folk artists in Lowicz. Beautiful works of art in stunning colours can be brought home to decorate your walls and brighten up a dull room. Alternatively, how about a pretty wood carving to adorn your wedding cake? Now there's an idea - a carved wooden angel, or two figurines to represent the bride and groom on their big day. Don't worry about deforestation, 20% of Poland's landscape is natural forest, and the Poles make great use of its abundance. You'll be able to keep your carving for years to come, reminding you of your fabulous bachelor party in Krakow!


Oscypki anyone? No comprende amigo!  It's ok, just a bit of cheese. We don't mean gushing, OTT American TV. Oscypki is a hard, smoked cheese, made with sheep's milk - ideal for those who are lactose intolerant! Delicious with cranberries and perfect for a cheese-a-holic, a tasty reminder of your final weekend of freedom.

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