Shoot ‘Em Up on Your Bachelor Party in Budapest with EuroTrip Party

Hey boys, are you ready for your Bachelor Party in Budapest?  At EuroTrip Party, you have endless activities to choose from, including Party Bus, Football, Strip Shows and so much more. Have you thought about having a go at some Shooting activities?  Ever felt the urge to feel a rifle in your hands and to unleash some of that testosterone running through your system?  Well, now you can! We have many packages for you to choose from, Novice to Ultimate, allow me to explain them to you...

Novice Shooting Package

The Novice Shooting Package speaks for itself. If you've only ever shot a water pistol, then it's a good idea to start at the beginning. Each of the bachelors will have 29 rounds with a variety of firearms, from a Glock to a Remington shotgun. Compete with each other and have a beer on us once you've killed your enemy!

Standard Shooting Package

The Standard Shooting Package is for those who have had a dabble before. You get 37 rounds with guns like the AK47 and the Magnum. You'll get to compare your target sheet with the other bachelors, to see who's the baddest of the bunch!

The Pro Shooting Package

The Pro Shooting Package allows you 51 rounds with 6 different types of firearms, including a Sniper rifle - imagine you're in the army, blasting your enemy into oblivion!

The Ultimate Shooting Package

The Ultimate Shooting Package gives you all the chance to fire 73 rounds with 7 types of gun, including; Ruger Mark IV, PPSH41, Glock, Magnum, Remington Shotgun, AK47 and a Sniper Rifle. 

Rambo Mode Activated Shooting Package

For the biggest, baddest dudes on your Bachelor Party in Budapest, how about our Rambo Mode Activated! Shooting Package?  Imagine you're Sly Stallone in all his camouflage glory.  You'll get to shoot 8 different types of firearm, including 2 different types of rifle. There are 124 rounds to get through, if you all think you're man enough!

Budapest Airsoft

If your Bachelor Party prefers to be running around shooting each other, rather than at a paper target, then you should try the Budapest Airsoft. There will be simulated explosions, along with smoke screens to make your experience oh so real and exciting! Each of you get 1000 bullets to use in the Airsoft guns, full uniforms and protective gear are also provided.

With each of these packages, you will have one of our fabulous, English/French/German/Norwegian-speaking guides to meet you at your hotel, transport is provided and once the shooting is over, a free beer for all, while you compare your fighting boys, hopefully you'll all be too exhausted to argue about who was the best shooter of the day!  Make your Bachelor Party in Budapest one to remember by booking a Shooting Package!

EuroTrip Party