Safety instructions for a Budapest Pub Crawl

A night out in Budapest is always good fun. You can get to meet locals and foreigners as well, visit those worldwide famous ruin bars and of course enjoy cheap drinks… Is it this easy all the time? Isn’t there a risk?

Local guides’ opinions

We have asked some of our local guides to tell us their opinions based on their stories of Budapest Pub Crawls. These are Pub Crawls that they have lead and are now sharing some information with us that could be useful before your Big Budapest Night out.


There are a couple of things you should pay attention to:

  1. Always leave your passport at your accommodation. Your embassy is not open during the weekend, so if you lose your passport and want to claim a new one, the earliest time you can do that is on a Monday (when you leave most probably). They accept ID’s at bars and clubs.
  2. You’ll get an emergency number in case you have a problem with your booking or something goes wrong. This number belongs to our Tour Manager who’s ready to help you. But please remember: your local guide is your number one contact. If your not with her and you need any help, call her first.
  3. ’No logo? No go!’ Always check that the taxi you’re getting in has a company name or logo on it. The ones that don’t have call themselves ’freelancers’ and might rip you off (although they’re coloured yellow, too).
  4. You’ll probably meet drug dealers selling baking powder on the streets. No comment.. just walk away…
  5. Don’t change money on the street with people offering you a better exchange rate. Find an ATM. Your local guide can help you with this.
  6. You can buy cigarettes only in special tobacco shops marked with a T (referring to tobacco). These are the so-called ’Nemzeti Dohánybolt’.
  7. Hungarians like to tip. 10% most of the time. That’s why they kind of wait for you to give tips at bars, restaurants and clubs. But pay attention! When you say ’Thank you’ at the moment of paying, it means that they can keep the change (as if it was tip).
  8. Still water is pink, sparkling water is blue. This can be very useful to know when you’re hungover.

We hope we could help you by sharing some do’s and don’ts for your stay in Budapest (especially for your Budapest Pub Crawl). If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at We’re here to help you!

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