Top Tips for Staying Safe During Your Bachelor Party in Poland

If you're all booked up and raring to go on your bachelor party in Poland, you will undoubtedly have an amazing time. However, just like any other country across the world, the culture and customs can be very different to yours. To prevent any problems, it's always good to be aware of those differences, to keep yourselves safe while you're enjoying your Bachelor Party antics!

Public Drinking

It's not allowed guys! No matter where you are in Poland, if you're drinking in a bar and they don't have a license for outdoors, or if you've only gone outside for a ciggie and you've got your beer with you, you can still get fined. Obviously on licensed premises, where there are tables and chairs outside, go for your life - it's perfectly legal!


Most taxis in Poland are genuine. They have the taxi number/name on the side of the car and the meter will begin ticking as soon as you get in the car. If you can't see a 'rate per kilometre' on entry, check with the driver and if there isn't one, find another taxi.

The Honey Trap

A couple of beautiful ladies may approach you and ask you to buy them a drink. Don't do it! Once you've toddled off to a back-street bar and agreed to buy them a drink, the extortionate bill will be presented for immediate payment - if you don't pay, a couple of rather nasty looking guys will march you to the cash-point, or worse - you may go home without any teeth!

Respect the Ladies

'Banter' and 'Just having a laugh' don't really exist when speaking to Polish girls. It's a very different culture in Poland and many girls have been brought up in a traditional, Catholic way. Women are highly respected here and if you think you're just being a bit cheeky - they might not see it that way and you could end up in that cold, uncomfortable cell!

Strip Clubs and Brothels

Do your homework when looking for a decent strip club, some are above board - others less so. People have come back from a holiday and have still continued to be charged obscene amounts of money by a dodgy strip club, long after the holiday is over. Brothels are illegal - so if you want to visit one, it's on your head - there won't be anyone to look out for you once you're in there!

So in order to have a fantastic time on your Bachelor Party in Poland, be aware, be safe and enjoy!

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