Forget Playing Games in Your Room, Play Real Life Counter Strike on your Bachelor Party in Riga

For all the gamer lads out there - how do you fancy taking part in a real life computer game? Oh yes, the shootouts you take part in on your Xbox or PlayStation can actually come to life on your bachelor party in Riga! There will be nowhere to hide and plenty of bullets to dodge, think you boys can handle it?


This is a series of games that has been out since 1999, originally played on Windows. A number of games were released (Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Counter-Strike:Source) and by 2012, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was available to play on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Counter-Strike is a first person shooter game, where counter-terrorists battle the terrorists, who are taking hostages and detonating bombs. The counter-terrorists try to defuse the bombs and rescue hostages, amid lots of fast action, smokescreens and the noise of bombs and shootouts.

The players are put into 2 teams - the terrorists and the counter-terrorists. At the end of each game, players are awarded gaming currency, which they can spend on bigger and more powerful ammunition. Each team has specific objectives to meet and if they manage to complete them, they win more money. Killing the enemy brings reward, but accidentally killing a team mate, brings only penalties!

Real Life Counter Strike in Riga

It doesn't matter if you've never played it before, if you're into your gaming, then this will be a real treat! Using fake firearms, you'll get to run around shooting at your enemy, trying to defeat their objectives. There will be simulated explosions so it will feel as if you are actually in the game, along with smokescreens, you'll be able to let your imagination run wild!

There will be professional instructors on hand to brief you on safety and to ensure that none of you get hurt during the game. To set up the games and make sure there's no cheating, Games Masters will be around at all times. You get to play 20 rounds which last for 5 minutes each - you might think that's not very long, but once you're out there firing at the enemy, you'll be amazed at how exhausted you'll be!

Once the game is over, we'll provide you with a round of beers so you can sit and discuss how the game went and who are ultimately the winners!

Don't delay in booking this fantastic activity for your bachelor party in Riga. Gaming will never be the same again!

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