Quad Biking in Budapest – Bachelor Activities to Get That Adrenalin Pumping!

If you're fanatical about bikes, and would love to include them as part of your Budapest Bachelor Activities - how about booking one of the Quad Biking activities? Adrenalin and exhilaration are the name of the game, scrambling and flying around the countryside at breakneck speeds could be what you need to make this one of the most perfect weekends of your life!

Basic Quads

Through the stunning Hungarian countryside, you'll be racing around for an hour on a Quad, letting the wind blow all of those cobwebs away! You'll get a professional instructor who will lead the group around the hills and fields, (so you don't end up in a ditch) and you'll be provided with coveralls and all of the equipment you'll need. Once you've finished your biking, a round of free beers will be waiting to bring you back down after all that excitement!

Cross Country Quads

Don't forget your thermals or warm clothes (especially between October and March), if you're going cross-country. You'll be Quad biking for up to 2 hours and it could get a little chilly out there! We'll provide transport to and from the venue and all of the equipment will be ready for you when you arrive. After tearing round the beautiful countryside, you'll receive your free round of beers and you could get yourselves a delicious bowl of Hungarian Kettle Soup (Gulyas) to warm you up!

Quads Obstacle Course

One of the most popular Budapest Bachelor Activities, this will certainly put your driving talents to the test. You'll be put through a demanding obstacle course! These powerful Quads will test your abilities as you race up and down the mud tracks. If you're coming in the winter, this activity is perfectly suited to snow and ice - so don't despair, just remember to bring your winter woollies! After 30 minutes on the course, claim your free beer and maybe a bowl of Goulash to rev up those energy levels!

Our Budapest Bachelor Activities have never been so thrilling! If you're feeling the need for speed, then any of these Quad Biking activities will without a doubt, fulfil your expectations and more! All Quad activities have safety instructors and you will be prepped on the safety rules and vehicles use before being allowed out on the Quads.

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