Polish Vodka Tasting and Dinner at a Brewery – Bachelor Party Krakow!

Ever been to a Bachelor Party and it was alcohol-free? No, nor us!.So if you're planning to do a lot of drinking on your Bachelor Party in Krakow, grab yourselves a lovely, local guide (well, not literally) and let her supervise while you lose yourselves in some crazy, alcohol-fuelled fun. Take a gander at some of EuroTrip Party's drinking activities...

Polish Vodka Tasting

Krakow is certainly the place to go if you love a bevvy or two. Polish vodka is some of the best in the world and it just so happens that we have a fab activity for you to try - Polish Vodka Tasting. You and the boys will get to taste 5 different vodkas and with the help of a vodka expert, you'll learn how to identify various vodkas and the history of it too. Who'd have thought you'd be learning stuff on your Bachelor Party in Krakow?!

Brewery Dinner

After your history lesson, you could progress onto the beer cellar for a Brewery Dinner. The boys will probably be ravenous after all that vodka, so come and have a seat in a cosy beer cellar, where you'll be provided with a beer-marinated, giant hamhock that has been spit-roasted (also known as Golonka). This is a classic Polish dish, served with bread, pickles, mustard and horse radish, absolutely hits the spot, so it does. Oh, nearly forgot to mention, you also get a litre of beer each with your meal, so drink up!

Guided Bar Tour

To really get the evening going, why not book one of our Guided Bar Tours? Of course, you could just go out by yourselves, to the centre of the city and hope for the best. But why would you want to take the risk of having a mediocre time, when this is the only time you'll be having your Bachelor Party in Krakow?! By booking the tour, you'll get yourselves 6 hours with one of our brilliant local guides, who will be able to point you in the right direction for your particular Bachelor Party. She'll know where you would enjoy yourselves, the best bars with the most beautiful ladies, banging nightclubs with top DJs and sizzling, sexy, strip clubs. In fact, you'll get VIP Stripclub Entry and a round of beers with the Guided Bar Tour. 

Your Bachelor Party in Krakow can start and end with a bang, boys. Let us organise it for you and you won't be disappointed.

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