How About Polish Vodka Tasting During Your Bachelor Party in Krakow?

Bachelor parties have always been synonymous with beer drinking, strippers and pranks. Why not rev things up a gear and bring Vodka Tasting into the equation? Your Bachelor Party in Krakow couldn't be situated any better, for the Poles have been making and drinking vodka since the Middle Ages. What they don't know about vodka, isn't worth knowing!

What is Vodka?!

May seem like a stupid question, but not everyone knows that it's the good old potato we have to thank for the fiery spirit we call vodka. It has the least calories of all the alcoholic drinks, so no beer belly after a sesh! You can find two Polish brands in the shops today - Belvedere and Chopin, but in Poland the clear vodkas get thrown into cocktails; the best and most popular are the flavoured vodkas. Why not incorporate some Vodka Tasting into your Bachelor Party in Krakow? We dare your mouth not to water after digesting this...


Cherry flavoured and cheap! Everyone drinks this in Poland, from young hipsters to pensioners and people on the streets. It's bright red and deliciously sweet; a touch of grapefruit juice is perfect for those who don't have a sweet tooth!

Zotadkowa Gorzka

Full of herbs and spices, this amber nectar slides down easily. Its sweet, spicy taste and unusual aroma make it a wonderfully palatable vodka, try it over ice - gorgeous!


Delicious and smooth, made with honey and herbs, this vodka is too easy to drink! Paired with hot lemon and mulled spices, it's magical at eliminating colds!


Produced since the 16th Century, this subtle yet mouth-watering vodka has certainly stood the test of time. It is flavoured with a type of grass, giving it a 'floral' taste with elements of vanilla or almond. Very popular to drink with apple juice!


One of the oldest liqueurs in the world, it has been made since 1598. The reason why? It contains 20 roots and herbs making it an alchemic elixir - long life and prosperity for all who drink it! There are 20 Carat Gold flakes floating around in this sweet and spicy vodka and hints of pepper, anise and mint can be tasted in every sip. Yum.

Your Bachelor Party in Krakow just wouldn't be the same if you ignore the Polish tradition of Vodka Tasting! Just think of all the calories you'll be avoiding by not drinking beer, not to mention the taste sensation of an afternoon you could have - go on boys, you won't regret it!

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