Is That a Gun in Your Pocket? Bachelor Party Shooting Fun in Krakow!

The activities you would usually expect for a bachelor party in Krakow, might include drinking copious amounts of alcohol, watching a couple of sexy strip shows and pulling a few pranks on the Bachelor. However, there is one activity you may not have thought of and it's a good one. Real, live shooting, with real live guns! Frothing at the mouth yet?!

Pro-Shooting Package

The phrase 'Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you pleased to see me?' couldn't be more apt. I'm sure many of you will be ecstatic at the thought of handling a firm, hard Glock. You read it right first time boys! We're sure you're more than capable of handling your own weapon, but should you be nervous on the Pro-Shooting Package, there will be fully qualified instructors to help you out, if it's all too much for you and you can't hold your firearm straight.

This is the ultimate in boys' toys. Each of you will get to fire 4 different guns and there is a target sheet for you to aim at, to check that your aim is improving after every shot you take. You get 55 shots in total to play with, these are real bullets so make sure none of your party is the worse for wear, or you won't be allowed to shoot. Our instructors like their lives!

Use Your Imagination!

To be king of your bachelor party, you'll need to fire all 4 firearms and get closest to the target. Pretend to be James Bond with the Shotgun. Super-slick, smooth but dangerous! Or imagine you're in the Russian military, shooting spies with the AK-47. You'll also fire a Glock, the safe-action pistol and the Polish Uzi, which is a light submachine gun - killing all of your enemies in an instant!

This is a fabulous activity to include on your bachelor party in Krakow. A brilliant way to release some of that built-up stress and get some of that testosterone out, before your epic night out on the tiles. Once the last shot has been fired, we'll give you a beer to relax with, while you all compare your target sheets and declare the final winner. Enjoy the Pro-Shooting Package boys, will there ever be another time where you get to handle some hardcore guns? Go for it punk, make your day!

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