Come To Lovely Latvia and Join our Guided Bar Tour in Riga

Lovely Latvia is the place to be if you're off on your Bachelor Party to Eastern Europe. Here you'll find some of the most beautiful women, the cheapest of beers and the funkiest of music being played at some of the trendiest bars and clubs around. Book yourselves a Guided Bar Tour in Riga to ensure that you get to sample Riga's finest nightlife, with a wonderful local guide!

Guided Bar Tour

There's nothing worse than visiting a new country and not knowing where the best places are to get your groove on. Our Guided Bar Tour gives our Bachelor Parties the chance to visit all of the bars and clubs which would be most suited to your group. Obviously people have different tastes in music and venues, which is why one of our local guides will be able to recommend the best ones for your party to party in! You get a 6 hour tour, a free round of drinks to get you started and free entry to a strip club as part of the tour.

Best Bars in Riga


Set in an old jewellery workshop, this little gem is an unusual, but funky place to quench your thirst. Frequented by the student crowd, there are noise artists, lectures and experimental musicians to entertain and they serve 2 of the best Latvian beers - Bruvera and Medalus, delicious!

Cafe Leningrad

Full of a younger crowd and often playing punk rock and heavy metal, the decor brimming with nostalgia, you can spend a while just looking at the vintage furniture, photographs and other oddities which cover the interior. Local ales and Scottish beers are served, making it a hit with westerners.

Rock Cafe

You will find anything you're looking for in this amazing venue. Close to the centre of Riga, Rock Cafe is perfect for a quick pint or a night of frolicking around the dance floor! Here, you can play Pool, sing Karaoke or choose from one of the many dance floors to show off your best moves. They play a variety of music and often have live bands; a very lively atmosphere can be guaranteed at the Rock Cafe, come and get your party started!

Skyline Bar

The incredible views are the main reason why you should visit the Skyline Bar. Situated on the 26th floor, you can see the Old Town on one side and the Art Nouveau district on the other. Go on and spoil yourselves with a cocktail or two - slightly more pricey, but so worth it!

Your Guided Bar Tour in Riga will be a 6 hour journey of sheer pleasure, so get booking now!

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