Our Guide to the Best and Worst Destinations for your Bachelor Party in Europe

So that you can make up your mind as to where would be the best place to go for your bachelor party in Europe, we've put together some of the best and worst places for you to choose from. Your Bachelor weekend should be the ultimate party to celebrate your final weekend as a singleton in style, so read on and allow us to help you make up your mind...

Prague, Czech Republic

Fantastic pub crawls, with beer only costing around 87p per pint! The food is delicious as the Czechs pride themselves on great cuisine and again, quite inexpensive. The nightlife is crazy, with plenty of bars and pubs to choose from and the women are quite laid back and friendly, bonus! Everyone will understand you, English is widely spoken.

Budapest, Hungary

One of the craziest party places you can visit. The beer is cheap and the bars and clubs are pumping into the early hours, every night. The ladies are gorgeous and the big bonus is that they are friendly and are welcoming to foreigners! There are plenty of strip clubs to get your kicks, do your homework and you can be in a world of erotica with a big smile on your face in no time! English is widely spoken as well.

Krakow, Poland

The cost of alcohol is pretty cheap and the nightclubs follow suit. Everything is in close proximity, so no need to spend a fortune on taxis. There are plenty of activities to have a go at, like Shooting, Go-Karting and Bubble Football, perfect for a Bachelor Party in Europe. The girls are divine, beautiful and friendly, an excellent combination! And everyone speaks English, so there'll be no confusion when trying to chat them up.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Although most things in this city are relatively cheap, unfortunately, the nightlife isn't as crazy as Budapest.  If you're after a crazy Bachelor Party in Europe, hoping to make friends with the locals, then this may not be the place to come. The locals are not as friendly as Budapest and it is harder to get close to the ladies, they don't fall for British banter!

Riga, Latvia

You'll only need just over £100 for a whole weekend of pure partying in Riga. Cheap isn't the word. You'll probably want to move here once you've visited! It's certainly a city where Bachelor Party dreams can come true - strip joints, bars and clubs are open at all times of the day and night, you won't be short of anywhere to socialise! Friendly, respectful manners will get you everywhere - especially with the ladies!

 Hamburg, Germany

In comparison to Prague, Hamburg is a little more expensive. The beer in Hamburg is tasty but probably one of the higher priced on our list. Unlike Prague, the city has a much calmer vibe to it, so if you're looking for some wild, fun adventure, this city may not be ideal for your Bachelor Party in Europe. English is spoken throughout the city, so no need for a translator!
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