Take a Gift Home For the Ladies From Your Bachelor Party in Budapest

Even though your other halves are happy for you to go away on your bachelor party in Budapest, they may be a little sad at your departure and obviously wonder what you are all getting up to, in the party central of eastern Europe. Wouldn't it be a lovely gesture to bring your ladies some gifts to ease their anxieties? Budapest is full of fabulous mementoes that your girls will absolutely adore, so go on, put a smile on their faces as you saunter back from your jollies abroad!

The Obligatory Alcohol

Hungary is known for its powerful tipples, so why not treat your lady to one of the delicious drinks, to help ease her concerns of what you got up to on your bachelor party in Budapest?


A particularly strong fruit brandy, which will most likely make her pretty tipsy. However, it's made almost exclusively from fruit, so at least she'll be getting one of her five a day!


This is a herbal liqueur, made from a secret recipe of over 40 different herbs. Traditionally drunk as an aperitif, we're sure your lady will love this tasty Hungarian potion.

Tokaji Wine

The grapes for this sweet dessert wine are grown in the Tokaj region of Hungary and are picked late to give the wine its honey-like consistency. Very strong and sweet, give her a bottle to sweeten her mood!

Hungarian Salami

If your loved one is more of a foodie, then bring her back some meat! Hungarian salami has been made for over 2 centuries and they certainly know how to create a blinder! Absolutely delicious, dainty and delectable - just like your honey!

Hand Painted Knick Knacks

What girl doesn't adore something unique and hand made? Adorned in gorgeous colours and finished to perfection, you can buy jewellery boxes, figurines and ornaments, there will be something to suit your other half that no one else will have.

Playful Budapest Prints

If your loved one is into works of art and likes to have pretty pictures around the house, then a Budapest print could be a winner. Zsolt Vidak paints wonderful depictions of the bustling life around Budapest, full of colour and vibrancy, ideal for a memento!

Intricate Embroidery

A lot of girls love creative and pretty embroidery that they can hang around the home, or even use as part of an outfit. From tablecloths to pillow covers, she'll just adore the thought you've put into it!

Our advice is to take your lovely lady something that she'll treasure, after all, you'll have had a fantastic bachelor party in Budapest, give her a reason to smile!

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