Football Activities to Try During Your Bachelor Party in Riga?

If you can't go more than a few days without a game of football, then fear not boys! Your bachelor party in Riga can be kicked off (get it?) with the beautiful game as part of your activities. Get rid of some of that pent up stress of the last few months of wedding preparations by running around a footie pitch with your mates, what could be better?

Seven-a-Side Football

We'll provide the pitch, the opposition, equipment and you'll even get a professional referee (not Dave from the pub) so that there's no naughtiness on the pitch. You can have a kickaround to run off that testosterone and get your adrenalin levels pumping! You'll even get a cheerleader in the form of your local guide, who'll ensure that your bachelor party in Riga goes with a bang! She'll be enough motivation to get you moving. There will also be a round of beers at the end of the match to quench your thirst, can't say fairer than that can we?

Full Pitch Soccer

If you're feeling a bit more adventurous and competitive, why not book to have a full pitch game? We'll provide opposition who are as near to your standard as possible, to make it fair of course and there will also be 2 linesmen as well as the referee. We like to make sure there's no opportunity for disagreements on your bachelor party in Riga! Changing rooms and showers are also available for you to freshen up after the game, so don't forget your towel. Once the game is over, you'll get a delicious round of beers to discuss post-match tactics and to get you ready for the evening's shenanigans!

Zorb Football

If you're not too bothered about playing an actual game of football, then how about some craziness with Zorb Football? Barely any rules to speak of, suited up in a large plastic bubble, throwing yourselves around the pitch attempting to play footie, is one of the most hilarious sights to be seen! You'll scream with laughter and most likely give up trying to actually score any goals. But remember, it's not about the winning - it's all about taking part!

So if you and the lads are football fanatics, book yourselves a little footie game for your bachelor party in Riga. Do all of the things that you love to do on your last weekend of freedom, have fun!

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