EuroTrip Party Team – the company that organises your Bachelor Weekend in Europe

There’s one thing we’re very proud of: the fact that we have our own teams working in Budapest, Krakow, Riga and Athens. This means we don’t work with partners, but we’re locals in the mentioned cities. But why is it so important? We’re almost sure you know the answer: we’ve tried all the activities making sure you have the greatest weekend of your life once you’ve been to one of our destinations.


Shooting, Boat Cruise, Tank Driving, Carsmash, Ruin Bar Crawl and Private Strip Club Hire… These are all unique activities specific to Budapest. But what does this city have so much so that it has gained such great popularity recently? Just get on one of our boats and experience it for yourself! While cruising down the Danube you’ll see all of the famous overwhelming buildings and statues all the tourist books talk about: the Hungarian Parliament, the Buda Castle, The Church of King Mathias and of course, the Citadel. We’ve got summer and winter programs and activities ready to make you fall in love with the city. That’s why we always say it doesn’t matter whether you come during the summer or winter, you’ll always have fun. But there’s another good thing: we’ve got loads of activities that don’t depend on the weather. So why not give the Hungarian capital a try and explore it during a weekend?


Would you like to know the best activities and places Krakow offers for its excited visitors? We have dozens of Daytime Activities you can choose from. But the most popular (according to our experiences) are: Shooting, Rafting, Party Boat, Zorb Soccer, Vodka Tasting, Steak & Strip Dinner, Oil Wrestling, Brewery Dinner and of course the Pub Crawl, Guided Nightclub Entry and the Guided Strip Club Entry (that can’t be missed from any Bachelor Weekend). You can add a stripper (or more) to almost every single activity! Doesn’t it sound fantastic?


Would you like to know the little secrets of the Latvian capital? Beer Bike, Sauna Party, Aquapark and Real Life Counter Strike… These are just a couple of our favourite Daytime Activities. If you don’t want to get lost or go to dodgy bars, book a Pub Crawl with us and let one of our local guides show you around. Besides the mentioned activities, there’s a very interesting fact (and good news for your party): women represent 60% of the population! Not to mention the beautiful strippers we have in Riga… Add them to your favourite activities! Is there anything you think we may have missed? Give us a call, tell us your craziest wishes and let us prove that everything is possible with EuroTrip Party!


If you’re a summer person you should definitely consider choosing Athens for your Bachelor Weekend. We’ll share a typical day with us in the Greek capital: try Go karting by the Sea (you can’t experience this kind of thing everywhere in the world, just saying…) or go Paintballing and then enjoy an afternoon at the beach with your lovely local guide! Finish the day with a Rooftop Bar Crawl, visit 3-4 bars and then end up in a Strip Club or Night Club! The choice is yours of course.

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