European Bachelor Weekends – How Are They Different to the UK?

Decisions, decisions! Should you have your bachelor party in the UK or are European bachelor weekends the way to go? Over the last 20 years, men all over the UK have been choosing to go away for their bachelor party, to sample the fantastic nightlife and cheap beer in Europe. That doesn't mean that having your party in the UK won't be memorable, but there are definitely factors to consider when making up your mind!


The main cost you need to think about when going abroad, are the flights. Depending on where you are going, most are quite reasonable, even on a budget. Flights to Eastern Europe can be quite cheap, going to Budapest, Krakow and Riga can range from £43 each way up to £130, depending on the time of year. Flying to Athens can cost anywhere between £47 and £86, Corfu from £30-£77 and Prague from £45-£120.

Obviously, you won't need flights if you're staying in the UK, but you'll probably still need transport if you're planning on going away. Coaches and trains can cost anything from £25 up to £100, depending on the destination and day you'll be travelling.


All of the bachelor party organisers include accommodation as part of their European bachelor weekends. This also includes day and night time activities and usually a guided nightlife tour, with free drinks. You get to choose the standard of the rooms and pay accordingly for the package, but they are always pretty good value for money.

In the UK, there are party organisers who include some accommodation, but as a general rule, you're left to book your own and if you're planning on going to a city, such as London, rooms can get very pricey.

Food and Drink

Apart from being able to try new and exciting foods and drink while being abroad, the costs in Europe are far cheaper than in the UK, so you get much more for your money. In the UK, drinks can cost from £7 for a double spirit and £4-£5 for a pint. They tend to be at least half that price in Europe!

Pros of European Bachelor Weekends

You get to go somewhere where nobody knows you. What happens abroad, stays abroad! There are plenty of bars and nightclubs to discover and the strip clubs in Europe are very different to the ones in the UK - far more lenient and the girls are stunning! 

The activities are second to none in Europe, from Bobsledding, driving a tank, shooting and Zorb Soccer, you'll find something you'll love!

Pros of the UK Bachelor Weekends

You know where you are and can speak the language. However, other people know who you are too! But you can arrange to go to the exact bars and clubs you like, although strip clubs are a little more reserved.

You can do some great activities in the UK, they may be a little more expensive, but paintballing and football are always winners!

You have a difficult decision to make, but overall, we think that European bachelor weekends are the way to go for that sense of celebration and excitement that you'll never get to experience again!

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