Looking to Arrange an Epic Bachelor Party in Europe? Ask EuroTrip Party

So your wedding is all planned; venue booked, flowers ordered, dresses and suits fitted. Do you want to start planning and preparing for your Bachelor Party in Europe too? No, thought not - who wants more hassle and headaches? EuroTrip Party can organise everything for you, with 18 years experience, there is little we don't know about Bachelor parties. We just need the details of your perfect party and off we'll go...

Accommodation and Transfers

Arrive in style in one of our fabulous airport transfers! The flights will be the only thing you'll have to organise yourselves - after that, it's all down to us! So go ahead and choose the best way to start your Bachelor party - a Hummer, Limo, Party Bus, even a Trabant! We'll fill it with beer or bubbly, whack on your tunes, the party starts here...

Let's face it, you won't be spending much time at your accommodation, unless you want a very dull and boring party! So if you're just after somewhere to lay your head, a hostel might suit. If you're looking for something with a bit more pzazz, then we have apartments and hotels, from standard to superior where you can sleep off your hangovers in comfort and enjoy a complimentary breakfast!


Read through our ever-growing list of fantastic activities and choose the ones you want to do the most! We'll book them for you, ensuring that you get to do everything your heart desires, within your time frame. If there's something you would dearly love to try, but can't see it on the list, just ask. We'll do our very best to accommodate!

Local Guide

Each Bachelor Party in Europe gets a local guide assigned to them for the entirety of their stay. Not only do our wonderful ladies keep you out of mischief, they make sure that you get to all of your activities on time so you don't miss out. Should you wish to visit a night club/bar/strip club/casino, she can advise you on the best ones, where you'll have a wonderful time! Also, she won't cramp your style - she's likely more of a party animal than most of you!

Food and Drink

Any Bachelor dinners, beer or wine tasting can also be booked before you arrive, just to make sure your bellies are full on your trip. You can also pre-pay entrance fees to clubs, strip clubs and book some naughty little pranks to play on the Bachelor while you're at it!

Don't make life harder than it needs to be, when organising your Bachelor Party in Europe. Pass it over to us and we'll make sure that your Bachelor party is unforgettable - in a really good way!

EuroTrip Party