We’ll Take You Clubbing VIP Style on Your Bachelor Party in Krakow!

Whether you want to dance the night away or be teased and titillated by some of the most gorgeous girls in all of Poland, we have the best VIP packages for you to take advantage of! Your bachelor party in Krakow will be the most unforgettable experience of your life, full to the brim with fun, laughter and sexiness, in all in one wonderful weekend!

Krakow Nightlife

You won't be short of pubs and clubs in Krakow, there are around 200 drinking dens for you to visit while on your bachelor party, you definitely won't die of thirst and some of the Polish beers are very tasty indeed. The Old Town is a fantastic place to take a stroll around, with cafes, bars and pubs at every turn. The architecture is amazing, so make sure you make the most of it and get snapping some classic pictures to make everyone who couldn't make the bachelor party in Krakow, green with envy. 

Clubbing VIP

Why not book yourselves some special treatment and go clubbing VIP-style? We'll take you right to the front of the queue of one of the best nightclubs in all of Krakow, with a beer waiting for you at your reserved table. There are plenty of clubs to suit your group's taste; pumping drum and bass, techno, R 'n' B or good old fashioned chart music to get your heart thumping and your body swaying! The ladies in Krakow are absolutely stunning - but be on your best behaviour, they won't take any false flattery and will tell you in no uncertain terms!

Krakow Stripclubs

Yes we know that part of the perfect bachelor party in Krakow might involve watching some stunningly sexy ladies perform for you, make sure that you get some good advice from your local guide, or better still, take her with you! Don't worry, she's seen it all before a million times and knows when to make herself scarce, but she'll also keep you safe. There are some brilliant strip clubs in Krakow, but there are also some on the dodgy side, where you'll end up light of pocket or nursing a few bruises, so do yourselves a favour and take one of our lovely ladies along for the ride!

VIP Stripclub Entry

As part of this special package, one of our local guides will escort you to one of the best strip clubs in Krakow. You'll get free entry, reserved tables, a round of beers on the house and a table dance for every 4 guys. Obviously, should you wish to explore and book yourselves a private dance, then go right ahead, it's your night boys, enjoy as if it were your last!

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