Budapest, Krakow, Riga: the best choice for cheap bachelor weekends!

People tend to go to Eastern Europe for its cheap prices, gorgeous women and beautiful architecture. The third reason is not really something that bachelors would usually be interested in for their bachelor weekend in Europe. Cheap prices and gorgeous women are more likely their sorts of things. Let’s have a look at the top 3 cheapest bachelor weekend destinations: Budapest, Krakow and Riga. Would you like to know the less expensive activities? This article’s for you then.


Start the day with our basic shooting package or a one or two hour boat cruise: a little adrenaline or quality time spent on a private boat with your friends. This one can be a good option for those who’d like to include a little sightseeing on their bachelor weekend. Our brewery tour and tasting is something you shouldn’t miss out on: get an introduction to different styles of beers and brewing processes while sipping on your 3 glasses of beer that comes with the activity for free. After all those beers we’d highly recommend a 2 course kick off dinner before going out for your pub crawl. You can’t go wrong with this combination.


What comes to mind when we say Crackin’ Krakow? Endless parties in Poland’s most beautiful city! I know what you think and you’re right. We might be a bit biased. But one thing is for certain: Krakow has a huge amount of pubs and clubs which makes the city a perfect place for a bachelor weekend. Why not start the night with a brewery dinner, continue it with a Polish vodka tasting, and finish it off with our worldwide famous pub crawl – EuroTrip Party style?


If Riga, then Sauna Party! Grab your mates and go for a good old Latvian sauna experience with a twist: you can order drinks from the hotel bar or bring your own bottles with you. Furthermore, how about some strippers to join you in the sauna? This sounds like a dream come true. We have brilliant guides in Riga also who can take you on a pub crawl afterwards. If it still doesn’t sound like enough fun, your guide can always show you the best strip club in town. But watch out, your money can go away pretty easily when being around all those Latvian beauties…

It doesn’t matter if it’s Budapest, Krakow or Riga, as long as you have your best mates with you and the groom is having fun. Cheap bachelor weekends for everyone!

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