Why not book your Budapest Bachelor Weekend in the autumn?!

Although the weather is turning colder and trees are losing their leaves, Budapest still has a lot of activities to offer for your Bachelor Weekend during the autumn. Why don’t you pick a few and see for yourself?!

Party Boat Cruise

It’s undeniable that Budapest’s different tourist sights are wonderful in every season, but have you been to our boat party and seen the city while the sun is going down? The colours of fall match the sunset perfectly. It’s even more enjoyable with a few lagers or some glasses of wine. Believe us!

Tank Driving

Surely every small child has dreamt of driving one of these gas guzzling relics of wars gone by. The good news is that it’s even more fun during the autumn. You don’t have to worry about the super-hot weather, just imagine how fun this activity could be in the rain!

Pub Crawl

Let’s not forget about the famous Budapest Pub Crawls. It can be raining, snowing, or the wind can blow so hard you just want to stay in bed all day. Budapest’s ruin bars still flourish not caring about bad weather. This city’s night life is exceptional… have we mentioned that a free round of beers and a table dance in Budapest’s Best Strip Club is included in our Pub Crawl Package?

Get your mates together and give us the chance to organise the Greatest Weekend of Your Life!

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